MJ Solutions

MJ Solutions provides solutions to help you and your business. These can range from: social media growth, recruitment, training, coaching, step in management.

Virtual Business Support

MJ Solutions was created to help support local and national business’s with providing an alternative temporary solution to their business needs- think of me as your Professional Temp.
Local SME business’s often struggle when having to implement a new system, structure, training program, or deal with recruitment. Time is ever so valuable and so is ensuring your existing staff aren’t pulled away from their tasks to “fill in” the gaps when needed.
My background over the last 29 years has been in Insurance, Banking and Property (Rentals) all in a management capacity. Along the way, I have developed skills and learnt various aspect of management that can help any business.
6 months ago I decided to take the BIG STEP and work for myself, putting all my skills and experience into a business that can help you. Daunting – you bet, scary- certainly, but most of all it is exciting. Once you realise that Fear stands for “ False evidence appearing real”, you can start your journey with passion, enthusiasm and commitment- and here we are today!
Whatever your business needs may be, whether it is recruitment, social media management, training, implementing a Safety Plan or a step in manager – then maybe you should give me a call. Remember, I can work remotely.